Why Hire a Roofer as Opposed to DIY


Identifying roofing issues to then fix your roof can be a challenging, tedious, and dangerous job to undertake alone and without experience. Before watching a few YouTube videos, purchasing the materials, and starting the work, consider the advantages of hiring a roofer for your roof repair instead of attempting to do it yourself.  

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of hiring a roofer: 

Professional Experience

There is a chance you do not fully know how a roofing system works and the best techniques to ensure an effective and safe job. Most roofers spend hours working with other contractors, perfecting their roofing skills before starting their business. They are also insured, licensed, and know the exact amount of material to purchase for your roofing area. 

Those working on the roof themselves tend to over or under purchase the amount of material needed for the job. If the roofers are GAF certified, then they must complete rigorous standards of training to earn this award. Unfortunately, there is no amount of studying or research that will give you the same hands-on experience that professionals have.

Safety Considerations

Unfortunately, there are several falling accidents daily, many resulting in serious injury or death. When you are learning a new skill, your attention is dedicated to completing specific tasks, not on your environment. 

In some instances, this is not a problem, but regarding roof repair, it can be incredibly dangerous. Professionals have the expertise and tools to complete the job safely and effectively. Although the roofing industry has been around for many years, the techniques and technology continuously change so it is important to let an expert who has extensive experience in the industry finish the task at hand. 


Hiring a professional roofing company will expedite the entire process. From completing paperwork to purchasing the correct amount of material and installation, professions have successfully executed this process countless times. When a professional is hired, it typically takes a week or less to complete roofing installation and repair could be even less time, depending on the extent of the problem.

Time Considerations

If you execute the roof installation right the first time, then you could save some money, but it will consume a tremendous amount of time. And as the saying goes, “Time is money!” Most homeowners don’t know what they are doing once they get to the top of the ladder, ready to begin this project. This makes the process more difficult and dangerous. That means the time you spend repairing, installing, or upgrading the roof could be for nothing if you make even the tiniest mistake. Once this occurs, you will need to call a professional to fix it thus already wasting countless hours of your time.

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