Roof Inspection

It’s difficult to understand your roof’s condition just by looking at it from the ground. Roof repair and a full replacement by a roofer can break the bank, so having professionals conduct regular roofing inspections can save you from future costly repairs.

Prospective homebuyers should schedule a roof inspection as part of an overall home inspection before purchasing a home so that potential repairs can be added to the home’s cost. Existing homeowners should get roofing inspections before and after winter or when they suspect damage following a storm. In any case, keep reading to understand why you should get your roof inspected as a buyer or owner!

Ensure Proper Drainage

Few aspects of roofing performance are as critical as ensuring proper drainage. Water-logged roofs greatly increase the chance of moisture penetration and leaks. Regular roof cleaning helps prevent debris and other objects from clogging drains and allows a free flow of water, as intended.

Find Roof Problems

In addition to detecting regular roofing problems, roof inspections can help prioritize roof repair and other projects. The most common roofing problems include:

  • Leaking or cracking
    in the roof
  • Missing shingles
  • Plant growth
  • Shingle granules
    found in the gutter
  • Roof drooping or
  • Buckling or curling

Assess Leaks

Leaks after heavy rains are the primary trigger for most roofing system inspections. However, the leak could be just a symptom of a much larger problem like corrosion, rotting wood, wet insulation, or mold that has been building up undetected over time. An experienced roofer can perform a comprehensive leak investigation to stop the issue.

Stop Damage

A leaking roof is not the only initial sign of damage. Other structural damage could exist, making an inspection critical to detect minor problems before they do excessive damage to your home. Inspectors could find roof layout faults and suggest repairs.

Perform Warranty Repairs

Your roof might have damage for a variety of reasons, and only some may be covered by your warranty. Call a professional to conduct a roof inspection to determine if it is beneficial to file a warranty claim. Once filed, the contractor will inspect the site to decide if the damage is covered under warranty.

If you suspect roof damage or follow a regular maintenance schedule, it is important to have roofing professionals conduct an inspection. R.L. Hayes Roofing & Repairs can inspect your roof for damage and help with any roof repairs you may require.

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